Industrial Fabrics and Materials Used to Manufacture Tarps and Tarpaulins Often Dictate How the Tarps and Tarpaulins are Used

There are so many uses for tarps and tarpaulins: You can protect equipment and machinery and you can also keep the equipment and machinery dry, if the equipment is outdoors and exposed to the elements. Tarps and tarpaulins can also prevent condensation from happening and causing damage. These are just some of the common uses for tarps and tarpaulins. But there are many other convenient uses that are lesser known, and the uses often depend on the type of industrial fabrics and materials used to manufacture the tarps and tarpaulins.

vinyl-coated-mesh-tarpsTarps and tarpaulins are manufactured from various types of industrial fabrics and materials, including:

  • Canvas
  • Polyethylene
  • Vinyl / Neoprene, and
  • Mesh

flame-retardant-vinyl-coversA canvas tarp and tarpaulin made from a water-resistant canvas can protect and/or conceal equipment while eliminating condensation. These types of tarps and tarpaulin are breathable and strong, in addition to being water-resistant. We manufacture canvas tarpaulin – made with green, tan, brown or white canvas – with brass tie-down grommets. Canvas tarps are also made from untreated natural canvas and are available in a flame-retardant variety.

We also manufacture super heavy-duty, reinforced polyethylene tarps – the kinds that are used for building enclosures, membrane structures and alternate daily landfill covers. These polyethylene tarps are extremely abrasion- and UV-resistant and, like the canvas tarps, the polyethylene tarps are also available in a flame-retardant version.

Our “regular” heavy-duty reinforced polyethylene tarps offer strong protection against the outdoor elements, so they’re commonly used to protect roofs, pools, boats, equipment, and anything exposed to rain and/or snow. The polyethylene fabric creates a totally water-proofed tarp. We also offer a heavy-duty reinforced fire-retardant polyethylene tarp that offers the same strength but is also flame retardant to NFPA-701 standards. Other polyethylene tarps we manufacture include our clear string-reinforced polyethylene tarps (with heavy-duty diamond reinforcement that protects against tears), and medium-duty and light-duty reinforced polyethylene tarps, which can provide temporary, economical cover.

Vinyl and neoprene tarps are made of fabrics offering strength and abrasion-resistance. These types of tarps are often used for trucking, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications. The vinyl and neoprene tarps resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. Flame-resistant vinyl tarps meet NFPA-701 standards and are often used for interior divider curtains, welding curtains, paint booth curtains, floor coverings and more.

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