A Good Awning is Invaluable to Your Business

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Awnings are one of those rare products that serve multiple important roles for business: they provide protection from the elements, serve as marketing tools, and fully incorporate the design of your company. In this one product, many goals are achieved. Therefore, your awning has to be great.

After all, it’s the first thing your customers see when they approach. A good awning also withstands extreme weather and holds up to the elements, while tempering heat yet allowing the sun to shine in on beautiful days. It’s designed to capture your unique aesthetics, while also capturing the attention of passersby and potential customers. As technologies come and go and marketing tools change, awnings will always be the first, last, and most important element that beckons attention and protects your storefront.

Awnings from Mauritzon are truly exceptional products; they deliver the highest quality, are extremely versatile, and have the backing of almost 120 years of family-owned experience.

When you combine these years and years of expertise with the best quality available, you get a line of products that is your best choice for protection, design, and attention-grabbing aesthetics. Specifically, Mauritzon’s line of awnings includes:

  • Eradi-Lite™: An eradicable, anti-crazing, flexible back-lit awning that’s lightweight, flame-retardant, and powerfully stain-resistant, and offers brilliant illumination.
  • Nite-Lite™: Constructed of vinyl-laminated polyester with an acrylic coated surface, the Nite-Lite™ back-lit awning offers protection and fire-resistance, with multiple colors that illuminate beautifully.
  • Awnmax®: Featuring patented antiwicking scrim, hard acrylic topcoats, and proven durability, Awnmax® awnings have unparalleled translucency while resisting bruises, marks, and dirt.
  • Sattler®: The Sattler® line of awnings includes high-quality fabrics designed for outdoor use and extreme durability, and the Firemaster®safety-assured flame-resistant awnings that offer extra protection and strength.

These are just some of the exceptional awnings we offer; each features unique attributes, but what they all have in common is quality of the highest level, and the backing of Mauritzon’s name.

No matter what you’re selling within your walls, you need the entrance to make a statement while protecting what’s inside. Check out our line of state-of-the-art awnings, and let us know how our products can serve and protect your storefront.