Check out the new, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly Mauritzon website!

In one of our previous blog posts, we briefly touched on our customer service philosophy at Mauritzon noting, “Every customer has a name, story and need. We make it our business to learn all.” We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, and continuously work to improve their experiences with our company. Most importantly, we do our best to anticipate their needs for the future, while providing the highest quality industrial textile products and services around.

Just like we listen to our customers, we also listen to what’s going on in the industry and business, especially the topics and trends that directly impact our company. A recent “hot” news topic pertaining to business technology has been Google’s new, mobile-friendly algorithm that took effect in April. The change affects how websites rank in online search results. A simple explanation about what’s happening, without getting too “techy,” is that the way websites appear in Google search results will be significantly and negatively impacted if the websites aren’t mobile-friendly. [If you want to read more about the “techy” info affiliated with this change, you can read this article from]

designer drawing website development wireframeAs mentioned before, we’re always listening to our customers, and over the years, we’ve been taking notes on their feedback in reference to our website. When we learned about Google’s plans, we decided to do a complete overhaul; to launch a new website that would be optimized for Google’s new search algorithm, while also taking into account our customer feedback.

Overall, our new website has a much cleaner design, featuring beautiful photography. We also believe that our customers will appreciate how easy it is to use the new website, and furthermore, interact with Mauritzon. Here are some of the new and improved features:

• Improved navigation and functionality – You can easily find the information you’re looking for on each page of our website.

• Links to our social media sites – From our new website, you can link to and check out our social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (and our blog, even though you’re already here!)

• New and improved content (and lots of it!) – See and read about all of the industrial textile products we manufacture and distribute.

• Mobile-friendly! – When you’re on the go, you can easily access and navigate our website using your iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet.

We love the results of our redesign, and hope you do, too! Let us know what you think. Yes, we are the oldest family-owned business in the Chicago area, but at Mauritzon, we consider ourselves to be one of the most forward-thinking businesses around! Much of our success has been built on our commitment to customer service, combined with our ability to evolve and move ahead with the times. This is what we’ve been doing for more than 126 years, and it’s worked… With that said, we plan on continuing this type of customer service and innovation for many more years to come!