Prevent the Weather from Ruining Structures and Valuables with the Right Overhead Rain Protection

In some parts of the country it feels like the rainy season will never end. The Midwest is seeing record flooding, the East is being hit with deluges of rain, and the West fluctuates between devastating drought conditions and heavy rain and hail storms. As we all know, it is impossible to predict the unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared to weather any storm.

Many manufacturing facilities are built with flat roofs because they are cost and space efficient. When constructed and maintained properly, flat roofs last for years although they can be prone to drainage issues. In severe weather conditions, water damage and problems can go unnoticed until water is leaking into the facility.

In cases where the roof is compromised, but a professional is unable Drainage Tarps Nov. 2015to make quick repairs, there are much better options than buckets placed to collect leaks. Roofers are always prepared for emergency situations and can provide temporary protection against a compromised roof system. With products like Roof Leak Diverters Drainage Tarps, personnel and equipment is protected from water damage if leaks do occur.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial textile products, we have developed a line of tarps that are designed specifically to offer protection against a leaking roof. Our leak diverter drainage tarps do exactly as advertised–when attached under the leak, the tarps catch the water and safely drain it away from the work area. A center drain spout easily connects to a hose that serves as the downspout to direct the water to a safer location. We offer three drainage tarp models:

Light Duty Drainage Tarps: Made from 12 mil reinforced polyethylene, this tarp is the economical choice for most situations. With heavy sewn-in D-rings for secure hanging, the specially designed tarp is available in sizes from 2’ X 2” to 30’ x 30’.

Heavy Duty Drainage Tarps: Constructed from standard heavy duty flame-retardant 13 oz. translucent vinyl in various colors and with heavy D-rings sewn into it. Sizes range from 2’ x 2’ to 20’ x 20’.

Anti-Static Drainage Tarps: In areas with electronic components and equipment, this high tech flame- retardant, anti-static resistant white vinyl tarp is the most appropriate leak diverter. Made from 11 oz. anti-static vinyl and has plastic D-rings for easy installation. These drainage tarps are available in sizes from 5’ x 5’ to 20’ x 20’.Roofer Utilities Bag Nov. 2015

In addition to roof leak diverter drainage tarps, we also provide
roofing professionals with products such as Tear-Off Tarps and Roofers/Utility Bags. Tear-off tarps are made from super strong 40 oz./sq. yd. black vinyl coated fabric that is sewn with a crisscross and plus pattern. Heavy steel O-rings and 2” yellow high strength webbing make this the ideal way to lift and remove debris from roofs. Our 26 oz. heavy #4 natural canvas, all purpose, roofers bag is used to carry and hoist lightweight equipment and tools. General utility bags are made from 10 oz. natural canvas in sizes ranging from 24” to 38” high.

At Mauritzon, we have the capabilities to manufacture tarpaulins and roofing accessories that meet the needs of any roofing application. Visit our website to learn how to weather the next storm.