Wrapping Up 2015 with a Look at the Past 12 Months

Yes, we are about to turn the calendar to January and say farewell to 2015. This is usually a time to look back and reflect on the past year while looking forward to the newness of the coming one. The textile industry in our country has seen its share of ups and downs, but gained some needed recognition this past spring with a public-private investment for a new Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute. Here at Mauritzon this past year was full of activity as we continued to supply the highest quality industrial fabrics to all sorts of industries.

This past spring we launched our new website. As a way to better interact with our customers, the new site is easy to navigate and loaded with new, improved content including amazing images of our products. Its mobile friendly design helps our on-the-go customers find what they need on our site quickly and efficiently. We hope you are enjoying the new site as much as we are!

Although it is winter in many parts of the country, there are still areas that are able to enjoy more temperate weather and outdoor activities. In June we wrote about “living outdoors” in our blog and even though many of you are suffering through the cold winter weather now, it will be spring before you know it!

Leading up to the holiday season is a very busy time for certain types of the fabrics we manufacture. Polyester and nylon fabrics, for instance, are widely used in consumer products purchased as gifts and are included in items such as soft-sided luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and promotional gift products. Tarps and vinyl fabrics are also in demand as winter creeps in and outdoor items and cargo need protection from the weather.

Over the past year it is exciting to realize that our products have year-round needs, whether it is due to seasonal applications or general industrial uses. Of course, as a former sail maker many of our products are used in the marine industry, but you can find our textiles in almost every industry. From sports applications to awnings Maurtizon’s textile products are everywhere. In 2016 we will be looking to connecting with our customers directly through email-blasts to keep everyone updated on the latest company and product news.

From the Mauritzon family to yours, we wish you the happiest holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2016!

Keep Products Secured Safely with the Right Tie-Down Materials

It is unfortunate that many roadway accidents are caused by debris in the road. Unsecured cargo is a major factor in roadway accidents, a recent one being a deadly accident on the New Jersey Turnpike caused by a mattress that came loose from a car. These accidents are very preventable if proper tie-down procedures and products are used to secure cargo properly.

Sail making was the start of our understanding the right Tie Down Materials Image 1way to securely tie down objects. For over 110 years we have been working with hundreds of industries, providing hardware & findings to supplement our textile products and enable the most secure and safe restraint of cargo.

Our complete line of hardware is wide ranging and offers a variety of options for all types of applications. Each product is designed and tested to meet safety standards and regulations to prevent accidents when used properly. Our tie-down products include:

Cargo Restraints: Winches, cable assemblies, ratchet strap assemblies, and all related accessories make securing loads easy and convenient. Whether securing flatbed loads or interior vehicle cargo, these versatile restraints will do the job.
Utility tie downs: Available as single units or in a convenient multi-pack, tie downs feature a reliable way to secure light to medium duty cargo. Made from high-strength steel and abrasion resistant webbing, utility tie downs are available in wide range of sizes and fittings.
General Hardware and Webbing: Buckles (ratchet, overcenter, cam, and roller) offer easy assembly and reliable and secure use to prevent inadvertent release. Adjusters and attachment hardware help to customize restraint options. Webbing materials include lightweight and heavyweight polypropylene and polyester for use in straps, handles, tarp reinforcing, ratchet assemblies, and interior cargo control.
Rubber Tie-Downs and Shock Cords: Ideal for fastening tarps or similar covers and for securing certain types of cargo. The attached “S” hooks make installing the tie downs fast and easy and are intended to be used in conjunction with a primary tie-down product. Polyester shock cord is available in a wide range of diameters and will remain flexible to provide elasticity as required.
Rope Ratchets: Offering an easy way to secure cargo without knowing how to tie a secure knot, rope ratchets pull ropes for a secure and tight hold. Made with durable solid braided polyester or propylene rope, super tough #6-33% glass filled nylon body, and an interior mechanism constructed of die cast zinc. Rope ratchets come in 5 sizes to meet the needs of small to large loads.
Rope and Cordage: Available in manila, nylon, polypropylene, sisal,  and blended materials, ropes are suitable for harness or safety applications as well as various restraint applications. Excellent for outdoor applications with good surface abrasion resistance. Multilament polypropylene utility cords come in diamond or solid braid options and offer high knot retention, UV stabilizers, and water resistance making these cords ideal for marine applications.
Fasteners and Setting Tools: Turn any textile into a customized covering with the addition of steel or brass snaps, turn fasteners, or screw studs and the right tools to make installation easy.Tie Down Materials Image 2

Mauritzon is dedicated to providing all the tools you will need to secure and protect any type of cargo when traveling. Our products are designed and tested to stay safely secured and to make the job of securing loads as easy and safe as possible.

To learn more about our tie-down products, please contact us today or visit our website for a complete overview of all our products.