Mauritzon Supplies Truck Covers and Tarps for any Size Rig

It is a haulers responsibility to make sure that their loads are Tarp Cover Image March 2016protected from the elements day in and day out. They should also include safety as a top priority when getting ready to travel—a poorly covered rig is a danger to other drivers on the road. After a long winter, covers and tarps are probably not in top condition. Small tears and rips are indicators of wear that can cause covers to fail. With summer fast approaching, now is a great time to consider replacing your worn down covers with new, durable options from Mauritzon.

No matter how big the rig is, we can cover it. Made with outstanding craftsmanship and constructed from the highest quality fabrics, our truck covers and tarps are custom made to precisely fit each truck and included cargo. Seams are heat sealed or double lock stitched and if D-rings are used they are a heavily welded and tack stitched to ensure high tension strength.

We offer two styles of truck covers:

T-LUMBER: Available in standard 18 oz. or lightweight 10 oz. vinyl coated fabric with a flat layout, rain flaps and tail curtains on one end, three rows of web and dees, and bottom spur grommets.
T-STEEL: Available from a selection of 15 oz. vinyl coated fabrics or the 15 oz. water resistant canvas, tarp has two rows of web and dees and bottom grommets. Accessories include rubber tarp straps, cargo restrain equipment, patch kits, and reinforced poly repair tape.

Mauritzon’s truck covers and tarps are easy to use and offer outstanding protection for delivering loads on today’s high speed roadways. If you would like more information on these products you can email us any questions or comments or visit our site today!

Strength and Durability are the Hallmarks of these New Textile Products

Industrial Textile Image March 2016 BlogIndustrial textiles, like almost everything else, come in varying levels of toughness to suit varying applications. This of course makes sense since you may not need a heavy duty textile for certain applications and, in fact, they may not do the job as well as a lighter duty product.

But, when you do require a product that can stand up to challenging applications, we’ll have what you need. We are proud to introduce new fabrics and product offerings with extraordinary characteristics and advantages over other options.

Our newest products include:

IRONHORSE Polyester Blends with Silicone Treated Yarn: Waterproof and twice as strong as canvas, this fabric is breathable, will not stain, does not retain odors, and eliminates condensation.
Super Woven Iron Mesh Fabrics: With dimensional stability and great strength, these fabrics are ideally suited for truck covers, refuse container tarps, debris containment, barriers, and also shade structures.
Super Shade Mesh Fabrics: Knitted construction combines Monofilament and tape to produce a dimensionally stable fabric that resists tearing and fraying in outdoor applications. Air flow through the fabric reduces temperatures and high UV resistance prevents color fade.
SATTLER® Elements Acrylic Awning Fabric: Constructed from 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers, this awning material is 102” wide, heat-resistant to 150°C, mildew and rot resistant, and features extreme durable and stability.
• 303® Brand: The 303 line of cleaners, protectants, and fabric guards keep your items looking and performing like new. We are proud be a new distributor of these premium products.

These new products allow us to offer our industrial customers more choices for their difficult or demanding applications. The addition of these fabrics to our extensive product lines will give us more options in helping us meet the expanding needs for industrial fabrics, awning and marine fabrics, and custom products.

Contact us today to learn how we can develop one of these new products into a solution that is right for you.