Using the Right Material: First Step to a Great Awning

Winter weather takes its toll on outdoor structures like awnings, butAwning April 2016 awnings do more than just protect doorways and windows from the rain, snow, and sun. Awnings have become a bigger part of business promotion and curb appeal that customers subconsciously react to. Spring is the ideal time to assess your current awnings (are they ripped and fading?) and replace them if necessary.

Mauritzon has been in the industrial textiles industry for over 100 years. We distribute awning fabrics that are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while retaining their look and character. What sets a Mauritzon awning apart from others in the field is the ability of our structures to combine form and function for long lasting and durable results.

The variety of materials we offer create custom awnings that are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Flame-retardant polyester vinyl fabrics suit heavy duty, fixed awnings and provide durability, UV resistance for color and weather fastness, a self-cleaning effect, and excellent adhesion for strong welding seams.

Back-lit awnings enhance a building’s exterior and add another element to attracting customers in the dark. These awnings require a fabric that can withstand exterior weather and elements, while also protecting the interior lighting systems. We offer 3 fabrics that are suitable for back-lighting: Eradi-Lite™, a light-weight vinyl-laminated polyester that is flame, crazing, and stain resistant; Nite-Lite® a vinyl laminated polyester with an acrylic coated surface that keeps it looking new and clean; and Awnmax® antiwicking scrim with hard acrylic topcoat that is easy to clean, resisting marking and bruising.

For tougher conditions or building codes, we provide fabrics that will meet the stringent requirements of certain applications. Recacril® has a tight weave that is water resistant and provides stability; Sattler® Elements is 100% solution-dyed acrylic that is heat resistant to 150°C, extremely durable, and mildew and rot resistant; Sattler Firemaster® Plus is a solution-dyed mod-acrylic that has a patented flame-resistant finish to meet enhance fire safety codes; and Awnshade® is waterproof and exceptionally durable in seaside or waterside applications.

If you are looking for an awning that will withstand the test of time, an awning from Mauritzon and any one of our outstanding industrial fabrics is your best bet. Contact us today to learn more!