As Summer Winds Down It’s Time to Tarp Up!

What do we mean by ‘tarp up?’ As experts in industrial fabrics, we know how valuable tarps are in a wide range of applications.  As we spoke about in a previous blog, the concept of “living outdoors” in the summer is one that many people are embracing. Extending the living space to decks, patios, and yards is ideal come summer. But, as fall is approaching it’s important to have a plan for preventing fall and winter weather from damaging the items you will want to use next summer.

Furniture, grills, and outdoor equipment are best protected inside an enclosure such as a garage or shed, but who has the space for all of that outdoor equipment? When you can’t move items inside, the best thing to do is to protect them in place. So, ‘tarping up’ means just that—getting those tarps ready for winter storage of items that stay outdoors all year long. Tarps are the go-to products for keeping valuables protected from rain, snow, sleet, ice, and even sun.

Here at Mauritzon we manufacture a wide range of tarps and tarpaulins that will cover and protect just about anything. With a large selection of materials and sizes, there isn’t anything we can’t cover! For furniture, grills, pools, boats, toys, wooden playhouses, or trampolines, one of our tarps will meet your needs. For protection from the harsh weather we suggest one of the following:

Canvas tarps and tarpaulins: water-resistant tarps are breathable, strong, and eliminate condensation. Features include double-stitched seams and hems and brass tie-down grommets.

Polyethylene tarps and tarpaulins: The ultimate protection from the elements, polyethylene offers superior strength and waterproofing. Features include heat-sealed seams, rope reinforced hems, and brass grommets. Available in heavy duty to light-duty for various applications.

Vinyl/Neoprene tarps and tarpaulins: UV resistant traps are ideal for use in areas where sun damage is a factor in the wintertime. Rope reinforced hems and brass grommets make these tarps easy to secure.

The change in seasons is coming. No matter how extreme your weather is, a Mauritzon tarp will keep your valuable outdoor items protected. Our capabilities allow us to offer a large selection, and we’re sure to have the right tarp for you! Contact us today to learn more about keeping outdoor equipment covered, protected, and safe during the colder months.