Protect Your Loads From the Upcoming Winter with Mauritzon

mauritYou can feel it in the air as you step outside, fall is here – and just around the corner, winter is gearing up. Here at Mauritzon, we’ve seen a lot of winters, and we understand what the rain and snow can do to a load you’re hauling. That’s why we sell the highest quality wholesale industrial tarps and tarpaulins available.

We’ve been in business for over 100 years and deliver quality tarps and tarpaulins for your rig or fleet. We understand that protecting your load and keeping other drivers safe are two of your main concerns, and that’s just what we can help you with.

At Mauritzon, we stock custom manufactured tarps of any size, regardless of what rig you drive. The expert craftsmanship is what has kept us in business for more than a century and our commitment to carrying only the highest quality fabrics means you get a tarp you can trust.

We offer heat-sealed or double lock-stitched tarps, ensuring it fits your truck perfectly. Should you need a tarp with D-rings, our supply is heavily welded utilizing tack stitching so that each tarp supplies high-tension strength. We understand textiles and our extensive inventory and ability to custom fit rigs means you get the exact tarp you need.

We have a wide range of pre-made tarps and tarpaulins available in many sizes, ready to ship. Depending on your rig, we offer both T-Lumber and T-Steel covers. If you’re not sure what will work best, feel free to call any one of our professionals on staff and they will be glad to help you.

Not sure if you need a new tarp? Do an inspection on the one you have to ensure there are no rips, tears, or other defects, which could get worse as winter approaches. If you see any damage, give us a call here at Mauritzon and we can get you a replacement tarp or tarpaulin. We’ll get you back on the road fast, saving you time and money.