Shoveling is Overrated: Snow Tarps Save Time & Money

The construction industry and supply chain include hard and unpredictable work, especially when the weather is inclement! Supervisors and foremen are constantly monitoring factors like possibility of snowfall, temperature, humidity and storm warnings to ensure that their crew members are well equipped to handle the vagaries of nature.

Under such circumstances, pre-emptive measures can prove rewarding and wise. Imagine shoveling snow – fresh and loose – from the myriad crevasses and tricky, hard-to- reach spots that pepper construction sites, trucks, and your outdoor living space. An hour of such labor can not only sap the stamina of workers (even before actual progress is made for the day) but it also wreaks havoc on tight schedules.

In short, snowfall can be quite the nuisance, but with Mauritzon on your side – not anymore.

Mauritzon’s Snow Tarps are Reinforced, Reliable Premium Products that are Changing the Game

Snow Tarps make life easier. They are heat treated polyester pieces that gather fallen snow before it has the chance to cover open surfaces, requiring eventual shoveling.

The tarps are spread out the night before and then lifted by cranes to dispose the load. Without tarps, prepare for an hour of grueling clearing. On an average, a single hauling of a tarp gets rid of snow in just six minutes!

But not all snow tarps are made equal.

With over a hundred years of experience in diversified textile production and distribution, each snow tarp available from Mauritzon is an ode to our commitment to quality and expertise.

Available in two variants – Economy and Premium, the tarps are:

  • Made of durable PVC coated polyester
  • Reinforced down the middle and especially along the sides with seat belt quality straps boasting break strengths of 6000-12,000 lbs.
  • Made for longevity with steel O-rings on ends of all webbing
  • To be used only on freshly fallen snow *

At Mauritzon we know snow tarps are good investments that keep their worth for years to come when regularly inspected for wear and tear.

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