Mauritzon Recognizes Earth Day 2017 Through Environmentally Friendly Awnings!

Earth Day has become a worldwide event observed every year on April 22. Its purpose is to showcase and promote environmental causes and the overall awareness of the state of our planet. This year the Earth Day theme is “Environmental and Climate Literacy,” and on this day we celebrate awareness and outreach, along with a nod to our own environmentally friendly efforts and product offerings.

Mauritzon Inc., one of the biggest and most diversified industrial textile manufacturers and distributors, celebrates this global event and contributes to its objectives through helping companies become more energy efficient. Commencing operations in 1888 as sail makers, family-run Mauritzon serves hundreds of industries now and has grown to include the awning and marine markets, automotive and construction industries, sports and recreational segments, and more.

Examples of our environmental efforts include our awning fabrics that are engineered to withstand all kinds of harsh environmental conditions while also retaining their form, beauty, and effectiveness over time.

Popular awning fabrics this year include:

Sattler® Elements Acrylic Awning Fabrics

 The Sattler seal HIGHTEX QUALITY stands for certified and premium quality. All Sattler products are manufactured according to strictest standards and fulfill the highest requirements of outdoor fabrics. Only high-grade acrylic is used, not to mention:

  • 100% solution-dyed acrylic is a fiber specially developed for outdoor use
  • All fibers (solution-dyed) feature highest UV standards
  • Heat resistant up to 150 degrees celsius
  • Mildew & rot resistant
  • Excellent stability
  • Enhanced textile character
  • High durability
  • Light and weather fastness
  • & available 102” wide in a variety of colors

For other awning fabric favorites check out how awnings are invaluable to your business and home. We also provide awning hardware for structural support.

Our team helps companies become more cost and energy efficient, beyond the competition, through the durability of our elements, also helping to regulate the temperatures of the interiors of the buildings they are built to protect. Utilizing our products contributes, whether it be maintaining heat enclosure in the winter or cooling in the summer. Our fabrics meet the most stringent of requirements with many providing unequalled water, heat and fire resistance.

In 2017 we are looking forward to making even greater strides in the enhancement of our textile products for better safety, protection, and environmental effectiveness. Don’t forget to follow us and keep up on all our industrial textile developments by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!