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Welding Curtains, Blankets, and Screens

Welding Safety Products

Safety precautions during the welding process are extremely important, but also very easy if you have the right equipment. Mauritzon’s welding curtains, blanket, and screens are the perfect solution to maintain safety during welding projects.

Welding Curtains

Mauritzon’s heat resistant welding curtains are designed to safely confine hazardous sparks, arcs and open flames while welding. The curtains can be used to create custom-designed work areas for your customers to keep themselves and their employees safe.

The applications for this product include grinding shields, privacy dividers, dust and splash confinement, splash protection, climate control and welding enclosures and more.

welding curtains

Mauritzon offers the following welding curtains:

  • 12 oz. Olive Drab Welding Curtains
  • 12 oz. Flame Retardant Vinyl Welding Curtains
  • 14 MIL Weldview Vinyl Welding Curtains
  • 20 MIL Clear Flame Retardant Vinyl Welding Curtains
  • Insta-Curtain Welding Curtains

Welding Screens

Our welding screens significantly reduce the amount of dangerous UV light emitted during the welding process. They keep those in the general vicinity from being temporarily blinded or burned from the flashes of light that come from welding torches.

Mauritzon’s welding screens feature rugged tubular steel construction and one-piece curtains for complete elimination of light transmission between panels. Mauritzon’s multi-panel screens feature hinged corners which eliminate connectors which you have to purchase with other systems. All screens are furnished with platform legs.

Welding screens

Mauritzon offers the following welding screens:

  • Single Panel Welding Screens with Platform Legs
  • Two Panel Welding Screens with Straight Legs
  • Three Panel Welding Screens with Straight Legs
  • Four Panel Welding Screens with Platform Legs

Welding Blankets

Our welding blankets are designed to protect the welder, surrounding people, and equipment during welding projects. Our flexible welding blankets are flame retardant and can withstand extremely high temperatures, ensuring that your customers are always meeting safety requirements.

The applications for our welding blankets include grinding shields, privacy dividers, dust/splash/spray confinement, and welding enclosures.

Welding blankets

Mauritzon offers the following welding blankets:

  • 17 oz. Salmon Welding Blankets & Curtains
  • 18 oz. Heat Treated Fiberglass Welding Blankets & Curtains
  • Insul-Shield Fiberglass Welding Blankets & Curtains
  • 21 oz. Black Slag Shed Blankets & Curtains
  • 24 oz. Gold Slag Shed Blankets & Curtains
  • 18 oz. Aluminized Fiberglass Blankets & Curtains
  • Silica Welding Blankets & Curtains

Learn More

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Getting Ready for the 2018 Awning Season


We are constantly advancing the textile industry at Mauritzon Inc. For over a century, we have taken pride in being the country’s top wholesale textile manufacturer and distributor.  Proudly serving all industries with high-end fabrics but spring time is a great time to focus on the marine and awning industries.  Read on to discover what new technology in the textile industry has allowed us breakthrough barriers in boating and outdoor advertising.

2018 RECacril Fabrics Collection

RECacril Awning & Marine Fabrics

As time progresses and technological advances arise, we find ourselves generating better fabrics every day.  That being said, Mauritzon is proud to announce its newest collection of fashionable and functional fabric, the 2018 RECacril Collection.  The RECacril collection is unlike any other fabric on the market and has us very excited for the future!

This collection of fabrics is made from fade resistant, solution-dyed fabric.  These fabrics are more stable than previous years’ product as we have managed to design fewer flaws than ever before.

Mauritzon is thrilled to announce this collection because RECacril is a top value for our partners in the marine, awning and other outdoor industry.  Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to browse our new selection of colorful fabrics that are sure to ring in the season in style.

These fabrics are popular for many marine applications as well as awnings, not only for their style but also for their durability. The RECacril fabric’s durability and ability to withstand nearly all outdoor environments is truly inspiring. This new line offers an outstanding catalog of fashionable new colors and patterns for you to choose from.  Mauritzon prides itself on being at the forefront when it comes to providing durability and style.

Aside form the mating & awning industry, these solution-dyed fabrics are popular for all kinds of applications. On top of RECacril’s durability and aesthetic allure, the best part of the is product line is the price point!  RECacril won’t break your bank but will stand to last the test of time.

We know our clientele will enjoy browsing through our newest line of marine, awning & outdoor fabrics as much as we have!  The RECacril Collection is a testament to Mauritzon and our constant growth as a textile manufacturer and provider.  What are you waiting for, check out the line here or give us a buzz to discuss any questions you may have!

Moving Forward

The Mauritzon team is here to help you find exactly what you need for the most reasonable price.

We hope you will celebrate the coming of warmer seasons with our great looking performance textiles!

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What to Expect from the Industrial Textile Industry in 2018

The industrial textiles industry is key to the manufacturing sector, and our Mauritzon team is proud to be at the forefront of the industry. Over three centuries, with family ownership spanning five generations, our company has manufactured and distributed quality wholesale industrial products across the nation. What can we do for you? Read on to learn more about Mauritzon and the upcoming 2018 textile forecast.

The Last of 2017

Part of planning for 2018 involves revisiting what went right in 2017. With positives like October’s National Manufacturing Day initiative, business across the industry work hard to inspire the next generation of skilled workers.

Product catalogs are also a great way to spread knowledge about a company’s products and capabilities. Our latest product catalog covered our industrial fabrics, awning and marine fabrics, tarpaulins, welding blankets and screens, divider curtains, and athletic covers and dividers.

2018 Predictions for Industrial Textiles

Expectations for the U.S. industrial textile industry are high and we hope to see even further advancements and successes throughout 2018. Industrial textiles have become a more important part of the textile and apparel manufacturing sector over the past few years, and this is not forecast to change.

The wholesale industrial fabrics and textile products we distribute appeal to diverse markets, from automotive and marine to sports and recreational. As the U.S. boating industry continues to unveil innovations and experience growing recreational boat sales, the demand for reliable marine fabrics will grow too. As always, the sports industry remains strong, driven at least in part by an increasing safety-conscious American population. In turn, products such as athletic covers for gyms, martial arts, and soccer fields will be highly sought-after.

Mauritzon textiles are constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand the toughest elements and environments. Safety will continue to be at the forefront of our minds in everything we craft and distribute in 2018 and beyond, along with ensuring we consistently provide superior service and materials to our customers.

As the New Year Rolls In

The Mauritzon team looks forward to another productive year in the books.

We hope that your New Year is filled with joy and good health!

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Recognizing National Manufacturing Day Friday, October 6th

National Manufacturing Day and Its Initiatives

There are few initiatives that have impacted the course of manufacturing and production in the United States like the National Manufacturing Day (NMD).

Started in 2012 to give the public a glimpse of modern manufacturing and to inspire the next generation of skilled workers, NMD has grown in scope and popularity with each subsequent iteration.

It is expected that in 2017 more than 600,000 individuals and companies will come together to celebrate the National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 6th.

What breakthroughs will businesses achieve in terms of how the public views manufacturing and its contributions to the economy? How will the perception of students change and will they embrace S.T.E.M careers in hopes of a strong and stable future career path?

NMD may be officially designated as the first Friday of every October, but it influences the strategic decisions taken by the workers of tomorrow throughout the year and beyond.

The Impact of the Day

Over the last half decade, NMD initiatives have had a profound positive effect. 89% of people believe that they are now more aware of the myriad manufacturing opportunities available in their community. 84% of students are more convinced that manufacturing can provide them with stable, well-paying careers and benefits, and 64% are motivated to pursue them.

Many manufacturing companies industry-wide host “plant tours” in which they open their facility to potential employees offering them a sneak peek into the economy -boosting, exciting work that manufacturing entails. Some also organize workshops to focus on Skill Gap and its remedies. Others join forces with their peers and hold symposiums where breakthroughs in manufacturing are presented to their audience and the world.

So far, this year, 2,000+ events have already been registered and more are being published every day.

Mauritzon’s Innovations in the Industrial Textile Industry

Here at Mauritzon, we salute the National Manufacturing Day endeavors and express our support for the cause.

At our company, we seek skilled employees who are passionate about combining their interests for manufacturing with research in the industrial textile industry. This compound creates room for outstanding innovations like:

  • Various levels of toughness for different applications
  • Heavy and/or light duty products dependent upon your needs
  • Knitted construction to prevent wear and tear on outdoor fabrics
  • UV resistance for continuous vivid coloring on outdoor equipment
  • Minimal shrinking of fabrics that withstand outdoor conditions
  • Fabrics that are resistant to mold and mildew
  • Textiles that are easy to clean
  • A variety of available colors!


Getting In Touch

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Missed Our 2017 Catalog? Industrial Bestsellers Still Available!

If it’s wholesale industrial textile products – or the hardware and findings for them –  that you need, count on the experts at Mauritzon to supply them to you. Our 2017-2018 Wholesale Product Catalog showcases our large and diverse lineup of textiles and accessories currently available to retailers, from industrial and marine fabrics to athletic covers, tarpaulins, divider curtains, welding blankets and screens. We also customize products upon request.

Here is a round-up from the catalog of our best-selling industrial products that we distribute:

  • Industrial Fabrics: Choose from a range of durable fabrics for your customers’ diverse heavy duty applications. The flame-retardant laminated polyester fabrics make excellent divider curtains, tarpaulins, industrial covers, and more. In addition to polyester and vinyl, we offer nylon, mesh, PVC, and additional fabrics.
  • Awning and Marine Fabrics: These quality outdoor fabrics are heavy duty in construction. The Eradi-Lite line is a flexible eradicable back-lit awning and signs fabric, superb for your clients’ canopies, signs, and awnings. This lightweight vinyl-laminated polyester has a stain-resistant top coat.
  • Welding Blankets and Screens: You will get dependable protection with these premium welding blankets, curtains, and screens. Enjoy a large selection of each kind, varying by weight, materials, colors, and intended use, with each of them providing the necessary protection from sparks, light splatter or other potential dangers.
  • Tarpaulins: We are a popular supplier of tarps and tarpaulins, made in fabrics such as canvas, polyethylene, and vinyl. From roof leak diverters to windscreens and hay tarps, we have a plethora of industrial options to satisfy your clientele.
  • Divider Curtains: Mauritzon’s 13 and 18 oz paint booth and warehouse divider curtains made of flame-retardant vinyl are amongst our most sought-after specialty fabricated items. Also available: PVC strip doors, PVC bulk strip door materials, and gymnasium dividers.
  • Athletic Covers: We also provide indoor protectors for martial arts and boxing ring floors, as well as for gyms, and flame-retardant divider curtains. In the outdoor realm, look through the selection of tarps for soccer and football fields, stadium seat covers, and more.

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Honoring National Safety Month: 5 Safety Product Must Haves

June is upon us, bringing with it the promise of warm weather, summer breaks and last, but certainly not least, National Safety Month.

Founded and organized by the National Safety Council, National Safety Month seeks to help companies in all sectors, but especially industrial, maintain and improve safety practices. At Mauritzon, we take safety seriously — not only during National Safety Month, but year round.

To help companies maintain optimal safety in their facilities, we work with a variety of industrial textiles to contribute to safety products, including:

1.         Beige Insul-Shield Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics: Extremely versatile, Insul-Shield Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics can be used for various applications, including insulation lagging and protective shields and garments. These safety fabrics are resistant to the majority of corrosive chemicals, including most acids (with the exclusion of hydrofluoric acid), alkalis, and solvents. They can also resist corrosive environments, including those with high temperatures.

2.        Welding Curtains: Welding is a potentially dangerous processes, posing burn and fire risks; Mauritzon supplies a variety of high-quality, flame-retardant welding curtains to help welders and others stay safe on the jobsite. Along with serving as welding curtains and enclosures, our curtains can be used as grinding shields, privacy dividers, dust or spray confinement solutions, and more.

3.        Welding Blankets: Welding blankets differ from welding curtains in that they are manufactured from fiberglass and coated fiberglass textiles, as opposed to 100% cotton or vinyl. They can be used in any application where a welding curtain can be used.

4.         Flame-Retardant Textiles: Like welding curtains and blankets, most of our other products are also flame retardant. If not, products can be customized to incorporate any of a range of flame-retardant textiles.

5.         303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner: Equally as important as safety products, are the supplies to clean your materials and keep them high-functioning. 303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner not only effectively cleans a range of materials — including vinyl, clear vinyl, Strataglass, and Eisenglass — but also helps to keep them in good working condition by protecting against the effects of UV radiation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works hard to make sure companies from all industries have the knowledge they need to keep their employees safe and healthy. Mauritzon is happy to support National Safety Month and is proud to offer reliable, high-quality products to help other companies and organizations do the same.

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