Help Your Clients Prepare for Winter Weather:

Clear PVC Curtains and Snow Tarps

With the holiday season approaching and snow soon on its way, your clients are surely hoping to bolster their bottom line. How can they best protect their products and cater to their clientele during the wintry months? One savvy way to better serve customers during the chill is with our Clear PVC Curtains. These tarps and curtains, made of clear PVC, allow outdoor spaces like patios to be used year-round. Restaurants can avoid losing outdoor seating during inclement weather with these curtains that provide protection from wind, rain, and snow while still allowing light. Another benefit is mildew and grease resistance, protecting seating and serving products from the elements

These Clear PVC Curtains are manufactured with reinforced hems for durability, and flame retardant material is available.

Another way clients can protect themselves during winter is with our Snow Tarps. Ideal for keeping construction sites clear of snow, these snow removal tarps are simple and effective to use — clients can place the tarp out before snow and remove it afterward when ready to work, revealing a snow-free space. Reinforced corners and steel O-rings contribute to a 6,000-12,000 lb. break strength webbing. Rings can be attached to a crane or lift to reveal a clear, dry area. Avoid lost work time with our quality snow tarps, all manufactured in our Chicago facility.

Economy Snow Tarp (20’ x 20’ 6,000 lb. break strength webbing) 

Premium Snow Tarp (20’ x 20’ 12,000 lb. break strength webbing)

We know your clients can’t let winter’s weather hamper their ability to do their jobs. Mauritzon sells a variety of outdoor textiles for your customers’ needs. Talk to one of our representatives today at (773) 235-6000.


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