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Mauritzon Has You Covered With Flame Retardant Canvas & Spill Cloths

Mauritzon has been around since 1888 and has grown into one of the most reliable names in the wholesale/industrial textile sector. We are one of the few companies in today’s unpredictable economy with a legacy and track record spanning beyond 1900.

Serving a variety of industries, from marine to heavy equipment, and hardware to custom products, we take pride in our journey and commitment to improve our list of offerings to keep up pace with the needs of our clients.

One key thing we’ve learned over the past 100+ years? Upkeep and maintenance will save you both time and energy. In other words, take proper precautions to save yourself the unnecessary headache.

Spill cloths and flame retardant tarps are the optimal solution for painting, refurnishing, refurbishing and equipment coverage. Without a protective cover you are likely to encounter damage from paint and chemicals or harsh exterior conditions that can lead to problems like rust, generally weakening your valuable equipment.

An In-Depth Look at Our Paint Cloths & Fire Retardant Tarps: 

At Mauritzon, we have used our textile capabilities to create spill cloths and fire retardant/resistant custom canvas pieces which are a “buy it and forget it” solution for your equipment and your business, meaning after utilizing our products you will find yourself with a lot less mess and need for upkeep.

With double stitched hems the spill or drop cloths are designed to provide top coverage and stay in place when they are on furniture or machines.

Breathable, fire retardant, water resistant tarps have brass grommets that secure them in place for outdoors equipment and environment.

If you are looking to prolong the life of your assets, please contacts us at 800.621.4352 to ask about our full range of products today!

What We’ll be “Covering” in 2016

Mauritzon 2016 Blog Image 2Just a few weeks into 2016 and it is amazing how fast the start of the year is going already! After 128 years in the textile industry you might think we would turn to our laurels, but instead, we’ve chosen to turn things up a notch! We continuously strive to provide the industries that we serve with the highest quality products and innovations that they require.

As in all the past years, we continue to our manufacturing dedication with a wide variety of industrial textile products, textile distribution, hardware, and fittings. The textile industry covers a wide range of applications and we are at the forefront of delivering the products that each requires. Our innovative products include:

Industrial Fabrics: Textiles in industrial applications such as vinyl, polyester, nylon, mesh, canvas, and PVC can be configured for a wide range of applications.
Awning and Marine Fabric: Widely used to protect structures from the elements, these fabrics are durable and long lasting.
Awning Hardware: We offer a large selection of options to deliver a custom-made awning, no matter the shape or the size.
Athletic Covers: Textiles used in sports must be able to endure the stress of athletic competition. We provide vinyl and canvas fabrics that are used in Martial Arts, MMA, boxing, gymnasiums, and athletic fields.
Tarpaulins: Available in canvas, vinyl, mesh, polyester, and neoprene, tarp material can be configured into almost any type of covering, bag, or windscreen.
Divider Curtains: Suitable for any industry that needs to section off certain areas, but don’t require a permanent barrier. Ideal for gym dividers, paint booths, warehouses, and doorways.
Hardware and Findings: All types of restraints and ties downs are available, as well as metal and plastic hardware, adhesives and compounds, and the tools required to create the ideal covering product.

Our versatility is what sets us apart from others in the textiles industry. We can deliver custom textile products that are specifically designed for your application based on your precise specifications.

2016 promises to be another year of providing outstanding textiles to industries with widely varying applications. If you need a high-quality awning, protective covering, divider, or any product made using industrial textiles, contact us today!