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Honoring National Safety Month: 5 Safety Product Must Haves

June is upon us, bringing with it the promise of warm weather, summer breaks and last, but certainly not least, National Safety Month.

Founded and organized by the National Safety Council, National Safety Month seeks to help companies in all sectors, but especially industrial, maintain and improve safety practices. At Mauritzon, we take safety seriously — not only during National Safety Month, but year round.

To help companies maintain optimal safety in their facilities, we work with a variety of industrial textiles to contribute to safety products, including:

1.         Beige Insul-Shield Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics: Extremely versatile, Insul-Shield Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics can be used for various applications, including insulation lagging and protective shields and garments. These safety fabrics are resistant to the majority of corrosive chemicals, including most acids (with the exclusion of hydrofluoric acid), alkalis, and solvents. They can also resist corrosive environments, including those with high temperatures.

2.        Welding Curtains: Welding is a potentially dangerous processes, posing burn and fire risks; Mauritzon supplies a variety of high-quality, flame-retardant welding curtains to help welders and others stay safe on the jobsite. Along with serving as welding curtains and enclosures, our curtains can be used as grinding shields, privacy dividers, dust or spray confinement solutions, and more.

3.        Welding Blankets: Welding blankets differ from welding curtains in that they are manufactured from fiberglass and coated fiberglass textiles, as opposed to 100% cotton or vinyl. They can be used in any application where a welding curtain can be used.

4.         Flame-Retardant Textiles: Like welding curtains and blankets, most of our other products are also flame retardant. If not, products can be customized to incorporate any of a range of flame-retardant textiles.

5.         303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner: Equally as important as safety products, are the supplies to clean your materials and keep them high-functioning. 303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner not only effectively cleans a range of materials — including vinyl, clear vinyl, Strataglass, and Eisenglass — but also helps to keep them in good working condition by protecting against the effects of UV radiation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works hard to make sure companies from all industries have the knowledge they need to keep their employees safe and healthy. Mauritzon is happy to support National Safety Month and is proud to offer reliable, high-quality products to help other companies and organizations do the same.

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Industrial Textiles in 2017

Here at Mauritzon, we’re getting ready to take on another impressive year of innovation and improvement. Last month, we looked back on some of 2016’s greatest accomplishments, recapping a few of our most exciting and informative blog posts.

For instance, touching upon on our ability to serve a diverse range of industries and applications, we recapped March, April, and May’s blogs posts, all of which focused on a different textile application — truck cargo covers, retail and restaurant awnings, and marine boat covers. At Mauritzon, we’re extremely proud of the versatility of our durable textiles and remain committed to serving all types of industries. As we embark on a new year, we look forward to expanding our lively project portfolio and partnering with new clients on projects big and small.

In last month’s end-of-the-year recap, we also highlighted June’s National Safety Month blog post, in which we discussed our ongoing commitment to safety — for both our dedicated workers and our clients. As a textile manufacturer, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Many of our textiles are flame resistant, and several provide heavy-duty protection from the elements and harsh environments. In the year ahead, we’ll be looking for ways to further enhance our textile products for optimal safety and protection.

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And be sure to check back here next month for our next post, where we’ll discuss important industry news, impelling company updates, and new product developments. We hope everyone is having a great new year so far and wish you a happy and healthy year down the road!

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A Look Back at 2016’s Highlights

With the year drawing to a close, the team at Mauritzon is looking ahead to next year’s challenges while taking stock of everything we’ve accomplished in 2016. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our most important blog posts from the past year.

Blog Highlights

Serving Diverse Industries

As a leading industrial wholesale manufacturer and distributor of industrial textile products, hardware, and findings, Mauritzon is particularly proud of our ability to serve a diverse range of industries. For instance, in our March blog post, we outlined how our sturdy vinyl-coated truck covers help protect cargo from the elements and keep fellow drivers safe. In our last blog, we circled back around to this topic as our supplies are a huge help in protecting your loads while traveling in winter conditions.

In our April post, we delved into our work contributing awning fabrics to various businesses. To name a few, companies like retail stores and outdoor cafes can eventually reap the benefits. Able to withstand the most severe conditions, we provide flame-retardant polyester vinyl fabrics to ensure durability and optimal safety. We offer UV-resistant and self-cleaning awning textiles as well.

We also serve the boating industry — where we got our start 100 years ago — providing weather-resistant, durable materials for sails. In our May post, we showcased our marine material offerings, including acrylic-coated polyester, waterproof acyclic, clear woven reinforced patterns, and spin-dyed acrylic fabrics for boat covers.

Our Dedication to Safety

At Mauritzon, we’re proud of our commitment to safety in the workplace and for our clients. In honor of National Safety Month, held annually every June, we penned a blog outlining how textiles help keep people safe in various environments. For instance, our flame-retardant vinyl laminated polyester fabrics — ideal for use as tarpaulins, gym floor covers, and divider curtains — help ensure public safety and reduce the risk of injury.

Our 745 FR PVC-coated membrane is also flame resistant; a strong polyester base fabric with a thick, knife-coated PVC layer, this material is well suited for heavy-duty applications such as awnings, partition curtains, and canopies.

Looking Toward 2017

This was an exciting, productive year for the team at Mauritzon, and we look forward to continuing to provide top-quality, reliable textile solutions for the industrial space and more. We hope everyone has a happy, healthy holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2017!

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Mauritzon Supports National Safety Month

National Safety Month is observed every June in the United States. National Safety Month 2016 in wordingIt’s sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC) with the motto: SafeForLife. Each week supports a different theme, such as Stand Ready to Respond, Be Healthy, Watch Out for Dangers, and Share Roads Safely. The NSC offers materials that are easily downloadable for each topic. The overall goal of the NSC is to reduce the leading causes of accidents and death on the job, in homes, on the road, and within communities.

Although training is a big part of safety, there are also numerous products that can help to reduce injuries and death. Textiles are an important part of safety in many workplaces. For example, flame-retardant vinyl laminated polyester fabrics can be used for tarpaulins, gym floor covers, divider curtains, and other industrial and general purpose covers. This type of textile can be successfully used in homes, schools, and in the workplace.

Another great flame-retardant textile is the 745 FR PV-coated membrane which provides a strong polyester base fabric that’s combined with a thick, knife-coated PVC layer for more heavy duty applications such as light structures, canopies, fixed awnings, tents, and partition curtains.

According to the American Chemistry Council, “Flame retardants are a key component in reducing the devastating impact of fires on people, property and the environment.” Textiles that are flame resistant or fire retardant help to stop fires, prevent fires from spreading, and keep damage from fires to a minimum. One product that can help to provide protection from fire and water is the Sattler – Firemaster Plus. This flame resistant mod-acrylic fabric is used as awning fabric and comes in a variety of colors.

Should your home or business need something unique, Mauritzon offers Flame and Water Resistant Fabric to create the ideal product for your needs. Fire Retardant Canvas Tarpaulins come in a wide range of sizes from 4’ x 4’ to 30’ x 30’ and Mauritzon also offers custom sizes should the pre-sized tarpaulins not fit your needs.

When it comes to textile products that can help your home or business stay safe, look no further than Mauritzon. Not only does Mauritzon promote fire and water safety, but we offer many products that can keep your family, friends, and staff safe, whether at home or on the job.