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Protect Your Equipment from Melting Snow with the Right Drainage Tarp Protection

Winter is right around the corner, and for many of us, that means impending snow. Whether we receive light dustings or lake effect snowstorms, we want to insure our facilities and the valuables within are protected from the weather. Read on to learn about some of the products Mauritzon offers to protect against water damage from leaks.

Water damage can happen to any roof, but flat roofs are particularly prone to drainage issues. Manufacturing facilities are often built with flat roofs to save space and cost. When heavy snow accumulates, any damage or leaks on the roof can let water seep in. Often, water damage goes unnoticed until water is actually leaking in the facility. If the roof should become compromised, it’s wise to have the appropriate leak materials on hand.

Mauritzon offers products which are designed to protect personnel and equipment from water damage should leaks occur. As a leading manufacturer of industrial textile products, we offer a line of tarps that is designed specifically to offer protection against leaks. Our Heavy Duty Roof Leak Diverters and Drainage Tarps catch water and safely drain it from the work area. A center drain spout easily connects to a hose that then serves as the downspout. We offer a variety of sizes to best protect your work area.

We offer three drainage tarp models:

  • Medium Duty Drainage Tarps: Strong yet lightweight, these tarps use a special design to effectively catch and drain water safely away from the work area. Heavy D-rings sewn into each corner to facilitate hanging. This specially designed tarp is available in sizes from 5’ X 5’ to 20’ x 20’.
  • Heavy Duty Drainage Tarps:  Made out of our standard heavy duty flame retardant 13 oz. translucent vinyl. Available in Vinyl Colors. Available in sizes 7’x7’ through 20’x20’.
  • Anti-Static Drainage Tarps: A new, high tech flame retardant and anti-static, white vinyl water leak diverting tarp provides great protection against water damage to computers, electronic equipment, etc. This tarp is made of white 11 oz. anti-static vinyl. It includes plastic D-rings for easy installation and a threaded nipple for standard garden hose (not included) attachment. These drainage tarps are available in sizes from 7’ x 7’ to 20’ x 20’.

At Mauritzon we have the capabilities to manufacture tarpaulins and roofing accessories that meet the needs of any roofing application. Contact us to learn how to weather the winter.

Diverter & Drainage Tarp Solutions to Save Your Roofing Leaks

If your roof system is compromised, a drainage tarp provides a quality short-term solution until a professional can arrive on site to do the necessary repairs. Products, such as the roof leak diverters and drainage tarps, are superior to buckets left to collect leaks, as they provide temporary protection for personnel equipment to help avoid water damage.

Economical Light Duty Roof Leak Tarps

Our Light Duty Drainage Tarps are a great value. Made of quality 12 mil reinforced polyethylene, the tarp is designed to be high-strength yet lightweight. The roof tarp has been sewn with the black side showing, and it comes in Standard Black/Silver, White/White, or White/Silver. Dimensions range from 5’ high x 5’ wide to 20’ high x 20’ wide.

Flame Retardant Roof Leak Drainage Tarps

This drain tarp is made to hang beneath a leaking roof or pipe, with a roomy 18” diameter x 18” height. The 13-ounce flame-retardant yellow vinyl tarp has sturdy grommets and straps for ease of hanging.

Anti-Static Options for Roof Leakage

At Mauritzon, we offer an 11-ounce anti-static vinyl drainage tarp that is flame retardant too. This high-tech lightweight tarp is constructed for excellent protection against water damage to electronics, computer equipment, and the like. It is strong and simple to install using the included D-rings. A threaded nipple in the tarp fits a standard garden hose to effectively whisk water safely away from the area. The White/White vinyl tarp comes in a range of heights and weights between 5’ and 20’.

A Quality Design for the Line of Drainage Tarps

Whether you choose the light duty, flame retardant, anti-static, or another option in our roof leak diverters and drainage tarp lineup, enjoy peace of mind knowing that each one of our options is set up to protect against a leaking roof.

As a leader in industrial textile products, Mauritzon proudly stands behind our lineup of tarps that come in a range of sizes and feature a design that catches the water and whisks it away from the worksite by connecting easily to a hose (sold separately) to create a downspout. Prepare for emergencies today by getting a storable tarp from Mauritzon that will protect not only the people underneath it but also the equipment, exactly when you need it.

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