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Get Ready for Fall with Mauritzon’s Industrial Divider Curtains

Now that summer is winding down there’s no better time to get your warehouse and/or industrial facility in order. Because fall and winter come packaged with chaotic weather, now is the time to consider warehouse divider curtain options.

The curtains we offer here at Mauritzon are:

  • Made from flame retardant vinyl
  • Come in two different weights
  • Options for wind resistant hems

Not only are these dividers meant to keep your warehouse tidy, but can help with energy saving initiatives during the cold months.

Our paint booth divider curtains also offer:

  • Two different weight options
  • A clear PVC window
  • Flame retardant vinyl

Perfectly combined with divider and paint curtains, our ROLL TRACK® and various hardware findings made of 16 gauge galvanized steel and up to 20 ft. long, provide holes punched along each end for the necessary connectors. We also offer beam or chain support mounts, floor columns, threaded rods, and more.

Our in-house team provides customers what they need without compromising our outstanding quality and customer service. To learn more about our products or to stay in touch, we invite you to read our blog, connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. To find out more about what’s right for your company, contact us today.

Since 1888, Mauritzon has been a wholesale manufacturer of industrial textile products and a wholesale distributor of textile, hardware, and findings. Although our beginning started in sails, we have evolved into the automotive, construction, sports, and recreational industries. We also wholesale awnings and marine covers. As a longstanding business we have mastered work with industrial fabrics, awnings, marine fabrics, welding blankets, curtains, screens, athletic covers, tarpaulins, divider curtains, hardware findings, and even work with custom products. While we don’t sell to the end user, we sell wholesale to a wide range of industries.

Missed Our 2017 Catalog? Industrial Bestsellers Still Available!

If it’s wholesale industrial textile products – or the hardware and findings for them –  that you need, count on the experts at Mauritzon to supply them to you. Our 2017-2018 Wholesale Product Catalog showcases our large and diverse lineup of textiles and accessories currently available to retailers, from industrial and marine fabrics to athletic covers, tarpaulins, divider curtains, welding blankets and screens. We also customize products upon request.

Here is a round-up from the catalog of our best-selling industrial products that we distribute:

  • Industrial Fabrics: Choose from a range of durable fabrics for your customers’ diverse heavy duty applications. The flame-retardant laminated polyester fabrics make excellent divider curtains, tarpaulins, industrial covers, and more. In addition to polyester and vinyl, we offer nylon, mesh, PVC, and additional fabrics.
  • Awning and Marine Fabrics: These quality outdoor fabrics are heavy duty in construction. The Eradi-Lite line is a flexible eradicable back-lit awning and signs fabric, superb for your clients’ canopies, signs, and awnings. This lightweight vinyl-laminated polyester has a stain-resistant top coat.
  • Welding Blankets and Screens: You will get dependable protection with these premium welding blankets, curtains, and screens. Enjoy a large selection of each kind, varying by weight, materials, colors, and intended use, with each of them providing the necessary protection from sparks, light splatter or other potential dangers.
  • Tarpaulins: We are a popular supplier of tarps and tarpaulins, made in fabrics such as canvas, polyethylene, and vinyl. From roof leak diverters to windscreens and hay tarps, we have a plethora of industrial options to satisfy your clientele.
  • Divider Curtains: Mauritzon’s 13 and 18 oz paint booth and warehouse divider curtains made of flame-retardant vinyl are amongst our most sought-after specialty fabricated items. Also available: PVC strip doors, PVC bulk strip door materials, and gymnasium dividers.
  • Athletic Covers: We also provide indoor protectors for martial arts and boxing ring floors, as well as for gyms, and flame-retardant divider curtains. In the outdoor realm, look through the selection of tarps for soccer and football fields, stadium seat covers, and more.

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With so many different products, hardware, and findings available through our team, you can surely acquire an impressive inventory to meet your customers’ needs. Contact us for your next industrial wholesale order by email, phone, or fax today.